The first man who finished Pokemon Go

What are the tricks that he completed his collection

A man from America is officially the first Pokemon Go master, the man who managed to catch all the pokemon from the game, now has a collection of 146 pokemon. Once filled his collection, he even found some suggestions summited by the developers of the game and shared with others passionate about hunting Pokemon few tricks that helped him to complete the collection.


„Capturing Pokemon was not easy and involved sleepless nights, and presence of mind to catch each pokemon. I played every hour as I could. If I saw a pokemon night in the street outside my house, ran ou into socks to hunt him. This is the game I have waited 20 years.


It took so much technology. It brings people togheter – there is no competition, everyone is ecstatic if his catch. It is unreal.”

An American settled in Brooklyn, is the first person confirmed that filled his Pokedex, reaching performance o catch all pokemon in United States. However, that caught all the pokemon does not mean that ended the game because it expects all other challenges. Target time, however, there are special pokemon that have not yet been included in the game or that are specific to a region, which he can not catch.

Pokemon Go has no age limit and is a very simple game in which all you have to do is to walk around and find Pokemon. When you see one, you have to throw over him Pokeball to capture it. Every time you catch a Pokemon, he goes to Pokedex and user level rise. Specifically, some Pokémon missing from the American collection: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew, misterious pokemon that seems missing from the game. Saying jokingly that he could book tickets to these destinations, the player said he has not really plan to go in those regions to unlock specific pokemon, considering that they are another part of the game.

Time spent by the american playing Pokemon Go, caused him to find some issues that would need imprevements and catch some tricks. The player said that the game would be more suitable for people who not live in crowded urban areas, places where it is very easy to catch pokemon. When he went to a village in the weekend, he noted that pokemon are very hard to find. It was only when he arrived in town, managed to catch a few. It is a shame that the game does not work very well there. On this occasion, you can explore beautiful area of a region and now pokemon go hack can use to explore places without moving.

A good idea would be wearing sneaskers to be able to watch pokemon in a jogging pace, and walking in a straight line when it comes to increased egg is a good idea. Advancing levels should be made by catching Pokemon relatively common, then, must be made to evolve.  Meanwhile, there were many more players who managed to complete the Pokédex. Many players have evolved pokemon and have managed to make it very strong. Gyms are full of powerful Pokemon. It seems that the red team dominating the game and different locations on the planet.