Solar Energy

Solar Energy


Solar energy sources have been considered for some time as even the best, immediately profitable options for most people on Earth by providing energy for various installations. The sun is by far the most important source of energy for us. He warms the earth, the water vaporizes from the oceans, clouds resulting directs air currents, and winds called to continents where they prove their usefulness rains causing and maintaining the rivers flow. This is a direct way to use this energy and part of the physiological processes that occur on Earth for millions of years. But the sun can do a little more: it could ensure that the entire amount of energy needed by a modern industial society, on a global scale for an indefinite future; what can not make a regular energy source. It could easily happen without pollution or headaches about depleting natural resources. But many people are not convinced of this and they have the opinion that such an investment would have been unthinkable loss and not a big profit.

In 1970 american scientists were in a strong enthusiasm old thinking that could change with this new technology, based on the energy provided by the sun. This happened after the first failures in the transport and processing of oil, which seriously polluted the environment. Thus it was concluded that this new technology should be initialized to life in villages, but not long after this movement with all the enthusiasm were scattered. The reasons for this and the absence of use of nowadays solar energy on a large scale, are neither conceptual nor technological difficulties. But there are people with great influence on such things that simply are afraid of a complete transition to solar energy. A good measure of sovereighty is that, even despite important capitals this modern society, this concept to harness energy has been completely removed from US plans, especially in terms of informing the public, except planes military they have the prospect of using this new type, especially in a crisis of oil. If you would have started with energy, use in restricted limits, today it would have reached a significant percentage occupied by solar energy in total energy use. The main idea was that for directing solar energy should be concentrated sunlight. Devices that could achieve this could be done at a low price, even in a high yield, since the 1970s was not to be.

There have been and still are problems associated with solar progress, some real others cooked up stories. One would be that the sun does not always shine even in California, but there are still solutions to fix this – it is part of the serious problems; one of those invented by some skeptics, for example collapse installations, this causing an even greater danger that nuclear fusion; but the idea of danger can not be contradicted in its entirety. All this was first mentioned in a paper publiched in early 1983 called „The longest ode to the sun”, in the first of three volumetric manuscript, of which only few parts can be included here. Some aspects of solar energy is a problem for some and even an opportunity for others. Simply because the sun shines above each roof, it can be an example of advantage for ordinary people and for using solar energy at the individual not only in large companies equipped with special captre and processing sunlight, equipment that would be displayed on large areas of land.  The advantages are many: profit increased significantly better health status of the people caused by lack of pollution, or if not, at least diminishing it. Using this energy can start by achieving simple goals, then switching to more advanced objective. Cheap lens concentrating production, and their use in the core glass roofs first attempts. There are passages in different papers published in the years 1977-1980, which describe the main advantages of using glass lenses under fences, or lens-shaped diamond.





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