Beginner’s guide for Snapchat

If you have yet not created an account in Snapchat, then you should, because it is all the rage right now. Snapchat has taken social media to a whole new level. It’s almost like a new era. The app has incredible features to make you almost addicted to it.
Getting started

To get started, you can simply download the app from play store or app store depending on the platform you use. It is available for free. After the download, get it installed and open an account for yourself. Opening an account is extremely easy. You will be asked to provide your name, email, and phone number.

After that, you will be asked to give a username and password of your choice. Select your password carefully as you will not be allowed to change it once created. The only way to create a new password will be to open a new account. You would also like to keep your password confidential as you will not want other people to fool around with your account. If you happen to get locked out of your account, it could lead to quite some inconvenience, and you will have no access till you get hold of a recovery password. You can recover your password using either the email or phone number provided during sign up.

Once you are signed up, you can choose a display name for yourself. It will help if you set the same display name as your username. In fact, this is necessary rather than helpful because your friends will be able to see you as your display name, as this is the name that gets attached to your profile.

Also, Snapchat allows searching friends using only the username and not the display. So having a different username and a different display name can actually hinder your opportunities for exposure.

Make sure that you put a good selfie as your display pic as this is what will be shown to your friends. Add friends using the QR code. You can also look for friends using the username and send them a friend a friend request. After your friends accept your request, you can exchange texts and snaps. Using Snapchat Hack will not be very confusing as you will be provided with instructions all along the way. However, it will help to know some of the commonly used words in Snapchat.

  • Snaps

Snaps are the photos and videos taken straight from the app before sending.

  • Stories

These are prerecorded images and videos that can still be shared over Snapchat.

  • Filters

This feature adds effects to your captured photos and videos.

  • Lenses

These are used directly while taking snaps. They add special effects and animations to the snaps.

  • Geofilters

These filters change depending upon the geographical location.

One very interesting thing is that are several bizarre and fun special effects you can choose from. You also don’t have to worry about security because a post lasts for only twenty-four hours. Apart from texting, this app also allows you to make video calls and text simultaneously.